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Phone Number: 214-326-9080
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Willing to See: All P411 Members - with references
Donation: 250 1.5 hr USD
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Tues, Weds, Thurs from 10a to 7p  - Available Early Morning, Daytime, Evenings, Weekdays
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Dallas - Tues, Weds, Thurs from 10a to 7p
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Incalls North of Plano / McKinney Outcalls No Outcalls
Education Some College, HK Inc, RMT Hair Medium Length Dark Blonde
Personality Friendly and easy going Eyes Hazel
Hobbies Rennie faires Height 5' 5"
Smokes? No Weight 170 lbs
Heritage White/Caucasian Build Curvy
Likes Business, Finance and Fun Measurements 40D-37-42
Dislikes Drivers who cut me off! Age 37 Years Old
Favorite Animal The Otter Grooming Landing Strip
Favorite Flower Iris Tattoos None
Favorite Drink Makers Mark Wiskey~Yummy~ Piercings None
Favorite Color Royal Purple Favorite Fragrance Fresh Baked Cookies
*** Current Hours ~ Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10a to 7p.***

The average hobbyist can spend up to 5 or 6 hours a week on research for their next perfect date He can see at least 2 girls at an hour each, a month, equaling a grand total of 22-26 hours a month and 264-312 HOURS a year, you delegate specifically toward your dick. Is he happy with what you've presented to him over all that invested time? Out of the 24 girls or sessions you've experienced have you found that special one you will always come back too?

What was different about the ones that flew above the rest?

Was it just a picture of an amazing ass that could have been anyone or did you use your immense power of deduction to select the sexologist that would ultimately steal your money and peace, or deliver value far exceeding the mere 250 you faithfully paid...

Have you found that special provider that's been in business many strong years.... No matter the economy, or personal real life stories, she flys above it and her quality remains constantly strong and better than her peers.... Have you found even 1?

When you see a sexologist, does your stress ease? Do you feel better leaving than you did when you arrived? Do the memories of that moment in time linger through your life and enrich the days that follow?

Are you able to draw strength from them long after the money has been spent, forgotten and the time is nothing but a memory on which you look back?

After everything in life has failed you... When you are circling the drain, drowning from the weight of the sheer magnitude of your responsibility... When the dragons win and depression rains down on you like an acid rain...When one more night in your chair is more than you can bear.... when night falls and drowns the sun... when friendship dies and true love lies.... When you face the abyss with no one to hold you... There is hope... Take my hand, I'll show you the way.

20 seconds on this page will change your thinking... Imagine what we would achieve together in 5,400 seconds .. Massage? GFE? Better.....

I invite you to spend a few min of the many hours it takes to find gold, here in my loving hands.


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