Escort Listings and Client Verification

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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How can I contact Preferred411?

A.  We prefer that you contact us via email by going to our Contact Us page. Live Chat is also available.

We strive to offer the best possible customer service and promise to respond to your question or concern as soon as we can, which is usually within 24 hours, barring weekends (were closed on weekends!). If you do not hear back from us within a reasonable time period, please try again. We answer every email received, even if its just to say "bugger off". ;)

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A.  Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm Eastern Time (ET)
Saturday/Sunday: closed
Holidays: closed

Employment verification:
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm EST
After hours verification available upon request.

Q. How much does is cost to be listed as an escort on Preferred411?

A.  Its free! However, you must be approved for an escort account and thats not always easy. Only a legitimate escorts, with a good reputation in the community, will be approved for a P411 listing. Good reviews or client vouches are necessary. Age verification is also required.

Q. Im an escort and I dont have any reviews. How can I be approved for a P411 account?

A.  Ask a P411 client member, that you have a session with, to vouch for you. He will need to send you an invite through the site and can indicate that he is willing to vouch for you on the invite. That client will also need to have at least 5 provider Okays to be able to vouch for you.

Q. Im an escort, what if I dont have reviews or a client member to vouch for me?

A.  If you don’t have reviews or a client member to vouch for you, you will not be approved for a P411 account.

Q. Im an escort, and I have a friend who is an escort listed on P411. Can she vouch for me?

A.  We do not accept escort references on other escorts, as a rule. Just as clients cannot vouch for other clients.

Q. Im an escort. How do you know if Im of legal age?

A.  Escorts are required to submit Age Verification documentation in order to hold an account on P411. This includes an image of your state issued identification, as well as other supporting images.

Q. As an escort, can I mention sexual activities in my advertising?

A.  Absolutely no mention of sexual activities is permitted on P411. You are welcome to list the rates you charge for specific periods of time only (ie: $300/hr), but anyone found to be offering any sort of sexual activities, will have their account revoked.

Q. How do you screen client members?

A.  We have two methods.

Basic - is by employment verification only. First we make sure that the business is legitimate, and then we make sure that the applicant works there and is the same person who is signing up. Basic members are to be treated with caution, as someone with the resources and desire, who wishes to cause a problem, could potentially get verified using this method.

We encourage you to do as much additional screening as you need to feel comfortable and keep yourself safe from harm.

Basic Plus - is verification by escort references. To sign up with escort references only, the client must have at least two impeccable references from well established escorts. We are are in direct contact with each and every escort giving a reference on an applicant, and in our opinion this is a more secure way to screen clients.

As always, however, you are encouraged to do as much additional screening as you need, to feel comfortable and keep yourself safe.

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